Ambaz dancewear is an online boutique that started in 2020 after many years of creating costumes for dancers in Cyprus and United Kingdom. The designer Sofianna Zamba graduated from the dance company, Bodywork academy in Cambridge as a dancer. She trained in ballet, musical theatre and specialized in contemporary, modern jazz and commercial. During her training she developed choreography skills and her love to create unique dance costumes for dancers.

In 2015 she was awarded best choreographer of her graduated year in Bodywork academy. A part of her uniqueness in her choreographies was her costume designs. Her passion for creating dancewear and dance costumes was derived from her belief that each dancer deserved to wear high quality, stylish and at the same time comfortable clothing.



Ambaz dance wear supports that each dancer is unique and has their own personality and style. Dancers spend many hours in training, rehearsing, practicing and at the same time try to stand out as individuals.

Our goal is to design dancewear that is not only stylish and comfortable but also gives the confidence to each individual to dance and look their best. Wearing unique dancewear enhances our confidence, creativity, motivation and passion for dancing.